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Bill Walk has enjoyed a varied practice in the almost 30 years he has been a lawyer. He has been a criminal defense attorney, defended doctors and hospitals, represented insurance companies, and, most recently, advocated for persons who have suffered serious, sometimes catastrophic, personal injuries due to the negligence of doctors, hospitals, or other persons. Moreover, unlike many attorneys, Mr. Walk’s undergraduate degree in Engineering Technology provides him a technical background that many lawyers just do not have.

Mr. Walk’s depth and diversity of experience has armed him with a unique ability to make sure that his clients are appropriately compensated for their injuries. He believes in and fights for those clients.

During Mr. Walk’s first two years of practice, he divided time between criminal defense, domestic relations, bankruptcy and personal injury plaintiff's work. In 1992, he went to work for the Hardison Law Firm in Memphis, where he represented insurance companies in a wide variety of cases, including premises liability, products liability, workers' compensation, auto-accident defense and defense of medical malpractice claims. He was a partner at the Hardison Law Firm from 1998-2003 and tried dozens of jury trials and countless non-jury trials.

In 2003, Mr. Walk founded his own practice, focusing on workers' compensation defense and representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases. In 2006 he joined forces with his former Hardison Law Firm partner, Robert Spence, to form the SpenceWalk law firm. For the next 10 years, Walk continued his representation of plaintiffs in a variety of cases involving trucking companies, premises security issues medical negligence, nursing home neglect and catastrophic injury cases.

Between 2003 and 2013, Mr. Walk successfully litigated and settled millions of dollars in claims on behalf of injured victims and their families. Notably, in October 2010, Walk successfully obtained a 12 million dollar jury verdict on behalf of his client. In July 2013, Mr. Walk obtained another verdict for over 4 million dollars, this time against a trucking company on behalf of his client, an injured motorcyclist. Besides these noteworthy verdicts, Mr. Walk also negotiated millions of dollars of settlements on behalf of other clients during this time.

In 2014 Mr. Walk moved his practice to 431 South Main, directly across from the Civil Rights Museum. From this location he has continued work on behalf of injured persons, focusing his efforts on nursing home negligence/neglect, medical malpractice, trucking cases and a variety of wrongful death causes of action. Mr. Walk remains active as a trial lawyer. In 2016, Mr. Walk began working with other members of this firm, and together they have continued their work on behalf of injured clients, trying cases and collecting millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of them.

Mr. Walk has recently published a legal thriller, Holes in the Soles of His Gucci Loafers.

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