Personal Injury Litigation

Bill Walk and Carl Jacobson have tried cases in the courts of Memphis, and surrounding jurisdictions, for the last four decades. Throughout much of that time, a significant part of both of their practices has been personal injury litigation. In fact, rumor is that these two squared off in a Memphis courtroom on opposite sides of a medical malpractice case in the 1990’s, but rumor it remains because neither will reveal who ended up on top. We can confirm that these two have worked side by side over the last two years, successfully representing our clients who have suffered severe, sometimes catastrophic, injuries.
In 2010, Bill Walk won a 12.3 million dollar verdict against a Memphis physician for negligently failing to treat a young girl. In 2013, Mr. Walk secured a 4.5 million dollar verdict against a trucking company by representing a motorcycle driver who suffered catastrophic injuries.

Between 2003 and 2013, Mr. Walk successfully litigated and settled millions of dollars in claims on behalf of injured victims and their families. Notably, in October 2010, Walk successfully obtained a 12 million dollar jury verdict on behalf of his client. In July 2013, Mr. Walk obtained another verdict for over 4 million dollars, this time against a trucking company on behalf of his client, an injured motorcyclist. Besides these noteworthy verdicts, Mr. Walk also negotiated millions of dollars of settlements on behalf of other clients during this time.

Like Mr. Walk, Carl Jacobson started his private practice career defending large corporations, employers, hospitals and doctors in litigation around the southeast. He then focused his practice on helping plaintiffs and their families recover damages for their claims. Mr. Jacobson has successfully litigated and settled millions of dollars in medical malpractice claims, including a multi-million dollar settlement with a large hospital and a similar confidential settlement with another medical care provider.

In 2014 Mr. Walk moved his practice to 431 South Main, directly across from the Civil Rights Museum. He and Mr. Jacobson joined forces and began working together on cases. Since then they have settled cases on behalf of their clients for millions of dollars. As recently as May 2018, they went to trial in a medical malpractice case. After prevailing on several critical pre-trial motions and on the cusp of picking a jury, the defendant doctor agreed to settle the case for a confidential sum.

In February 2019 Bill Walk and Carl Jacobson successfully obtained a $532,000 jury verdict and judgment in favor of their client against Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

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